Chen Style Tai Chi

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Chen Style Tai Chi classes in South London

fullcircleQi classes will introduce the beginner to the principles of Tai chi through static exercises, tai chi stance, breath focus and dynamic moving exercises including "silk reeling" and the development of practice through the solo forms 11, 18 and Old frame Laojia YiLu.

Chen style Tai chi chuan is the original style of Tai chi chuan from which the Yang, Wu, Sun and Hao styles developed. It is an internal martial art believed to have been developed by Chen Wangting around 350 years ago.

Chen tai chi chuan draws upon ancient Chinese philosophy,as recorded in the book of changes or Yi Jing (I Ching), combining this with specific breathing techniques and a deep understanding of the internal energy meridians (or Jingluo) used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture.

An equal emphasis is placed on the awareness of breathing, internal energy control and external movement.

The forms of Chen style tai chi are practised slowly with characteristic occasional bursts of explosive power or fajin – energy release.

fullcircleQi classes focus on the health benefits of Chen style tai chi and, though not teaching martial tai chi, will refer to some of the martial applications at times to give a deeper understanding of the origin and 'intention' of the movement so as to be able to exercise the movement with greater focus and deliberation.

Basic push hands will also be introduced and developed to explore jing or 'listening skill' - sensitivity to another's movement, force and intention, and develop reflexes that yield to and redirect this force. These two-person exercises also complement the practice of the solo forms in physical conditioning for health and fitness.

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