“This class is a great combination of challenge and stress relief and you will away feeling invigorated. Hannah is a very experienced teacher and has the time to work with people individually so good for all levels.”


"I have been attending Hannah's classes for a number of years and I have thoroughly enjoyed the way she combines Tai Chi and Qigong. My initial reason for joining the class was to alleviate my neck and shoulder problems, but I soon realised that apart from the physical benefits, it was also contributing greatly to my spiritual and emotional well being. Although deeply knowledgeable, Hannah wears her knowledge lightly. Constantly innovative, she introduces into our exercises relevant aspects of the martial arts in terms of our body positioning and the flow of energy this creates, and how this can provide additional benefits to our health."

__ Hanny

“Hannah is a dedicated and talented teacher with an impressively vast knowledge of her subject which she passes on to her students with patience and good humour. I have benefitted greatly from attending her classes, becoming stronger, more flexible, calmer and more self-confident.”


“I found your service extremely valuable for the patients ..., the sessions were extremely enjoyable as well as having physical and mental health benefits, the patients commented on the sessions relieving stress and helping them feel grounded.”

Sarah (Manager of womens inpatient unit for SlaM)

“Tai chi has good evidence for benefit in many joint and muscle conditions especially fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Hannah taught a fantastic session for a large group of people at a patient education event and recieved very positive feedback”

Dr Levy, Consultant Rhumatologist