Hannah recieved accreditation as an instructor to teach Chen style Tai Chi and Qigong from Grand Master Liming Yue (indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zeng Lei) in 2012. For whom she has much gratitude for all the teachings recieved along the way.

Participating in Tai Chi and Qigong in 2004 during a skills training course for clients with physical and mental health problems she began training Tai Chi and Qigong herself in earnest in 2007 and up until 2010 trained intensively with Shi Xing Fa, (disciple of Shaolin Laymonk, Shi De Lon), with whom she began her teacher training and practice and to whom she also extends warm thanks and appreciation for her learning.

She also trained, again with very much appreciation, over a period of 10 years in Qigong and Daoist Internal Alchemy in North Wales with, the sadly late, Barry Spendlove.

Hannah has 18 years experience in teaching anxiety management and relaxation techniques in her role in Occupational Therapy for the NHS receiving a BSc (Hons) in 2009 and was a Reflexologist practicing part time, having qualified with the International Federation of Reflexologists in 1999. She is a Full Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union and had been for many years of the International Federation of Reflexologists, the British Association of Occupational Therapy and Health & Care Professions Council.

Apart from classes and 1 :1s Hannah has and continues to conduct ongoing tai chi & qigong sessions for the voluntary sector including Age UK, several inpatient health settings,  company and educational settings for both staff and students (from primary school  to university age) and can offer one off workshops by arrangement.