Ba Duan Jin Eight Silk Brocades

Ba duan jin is a series of 8 exercises believed to have been developed in the Song Dynasty with earliest records of the movements from 1150.

The Ba duan jin is primarily a form of medical qigong to improve health.

This is in contrast to religious or martial forms of qigong. However, the form is also frequently used as a supplementary exercise, for both martial and spritual development.

The eight exercises each have a particular focus on a different physical area and Qi meridian, cleansing, balancing, stimulating and generating a healthy flow of Qi 'energy' throughout the body and mind, improving the functions of the paired organs - heart & small intestine, lungs & large intestine, liver & gall bladder, spleen & stomach, kidneys & urinary bladder, pericardium & sanjiao or 'triple burner'.

Flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, muscle, bone and joint condition are also improved with the practice of Ba duan jin along with calming and focusing the mind.

The exercises can be drawn from the seated (illustrated above) or standing sets. fullcircleQi classes teach the standing set of the Chinese health qigong association.